Fake FBI sites operating to catch purchasers...

Here are just a few of the articles we’ve spotted online!FOR YOUR EYES ONLY...

Diploma-CertsCreations is in no way descrediting any diploma mill sites we are just basically posting some of the reviews that are occuring on the web and making the buyer be aware of such.

FBI setting up fake “fake diploma” sites

Here is a comment from the article above:

I have read in quite a few places that people have lost their jobs and are being investigated after purchasing fake diplomas or “replacement diplomas” from a handful of these fake diploma websites that can be found online. Supposedly, the FBI are operating these sites as a sting to find out who is purchasing them and track what they are being used for.

Here is another webpage with similar comments…

PhonyDiploma.com an FBI-run website?

Here is a comment from the article above, from somebody who calls himself “Ryan C”:

I don’t know about any other sites, but stay away from phony diploma. Do not purchase a fake diploma from them under any circumstances. I tried to buy a fake diploma from them just a few weeks ago and a few days later the FBI was supposedly calling my father in laws machine shop where i work and asking all kinds of questions.

Here is another really popular one, that many folks ask us about:

Report: PhonyDiploma – PhoneyDiploma – DiplomaCompany – NextDayDiplomas – RealisticDiplomas

Below is a comment from the post left on RipOff Report’s site:

DO NOT purchase from or contact this site under ANY circumstances! If you do, you can expect the FBI to pay a visit to you and your employer very shortly.

In fact, if you continue to search the ‘web, you’ll find plenty of more websites and comments left by people stating similar things about the FBI running fake diploma websites and people getting into trouble. From my own experience with buying fake diplomas online, such claims are 100% bogus! I actually purchased several diplomas from fake diploma websites, along with my wife, in order to create this fake diploma review website that you are on now. We placed five orders online and provided our personal mailing address, phone number, email, etc. I even paid with my own credit card in most cases. It has been several months since my products arrived from both FedEx and UPS and nobody from the FBI has called my home or my place of business! Don’t believe everything you read! haha

In fact, you can check out any of the reviews on our website for photos of order confirmations, tracking numbers, receipts, payment details, product photos, and more. Unlike most of the comments I linked above, we actually made real purchases and feel these companies out to fairly be recognized for the services they are offering.

Our Proof of Purchases!

These comments being posted on message boards and other review sites are most likely being written by other fake diploma companies looking to scare buyers away from certain websites and tricking buyers into buying from them. Obviously, their fear tactics work because I’ve received several messages from concerned shoppers. Hopefully, this post will debunk some of those myths?

As far as my research tells me, there once was a government research program called DISCAM which investigated the popularity of fake diplomas but that hasn’t been active since the mid 80′s.

I’ll continue to update this post as I learn anything new regarding this issue. If you have any light to shed on the subject, please write me. Once verified, I will post it.